My documentary shows the harsh realities of the troubled Navajo youth. There stories of abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction often go untold. My goal was to capture there stories and the emotional toll this has taken on there lives. The overall objective was to show how this program, Navajo Youth Build, helps these kids to re-write there stories and build better lives. In doing this, I wanted to create a very emotionally raw movie that Dine kids and really any troubled kid could relate to.

Navajo Youth Build was filmed in Kirtland and Shiprock, New Mexico. Capacity Builders is a non-profit organization based out of Farmington, New Mexico and they are in charge of the Navajo Youth Build Program. Macee Hunt, the director/director of photography, is an Intern with Capacity Builders. Everyone involved in filming are New Mexico residents, Native American, and San Juan College Digital Media students. Also, the music used is by local Artists from New Mexico.

COMEDY | 1min

CAST: Joshua Evans, Carol Burr, Broderick Mark, Larry Clary, Elton Brown

DIRECTOR: Macee Hunt

PRODUCER: Macee Hunt

WRITER: Macee Hunt