STRENGTH is about one man’s journey who’s fatally killed during a routine traffic stop by an officer and is taken to “the place” where all youth goes when they die. In “the place” we learn what true beauty and strength look like. It’s not just about hate & anger, which can easily be internalized, but about being aware. And when all is lost, we as a people must come together to face adversity, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be.

Directed by La’Charles Trask, who lives in Santa Fe. Original poem by Lauryn Alicia. Original song and arrangement by Rachel Dupard. This project was filmed in Santa Fe, NM.

DRAMA | 6min

CAST: La’Charles Trask, Jim Wisniewski

DIRECTOR: La’Charles Trask

PRODUCERS: La’Charles Trask, Wanakee Trask

WRITERS: La’Charles Trask