Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is also one of the most diverse cities – Native American, Hispanic and Anglo cultures mingle to produce some of the best food, music, and art.

In this, the final episode of season 1 of Hey! Santa Fe, Graci shares the history and beauty of Ghost Ranch, Winona, Carlos and Graci then talk about their experience with each other in making the series, Lee Zlotoff, the director of Hey! Santa Fe explains why everyone chose to make this series, Graci gives a final reminder about Fiestas De Santa Fe, Carlos gives one about the burning of Zozobra, and the whole cast signs off on Season 1.

Follow us to learn more about one of the best places to visit and live in the southwest.

TRAVEL | 5min

CAST: Winona Winters, Carlos Medina, Graci Clark

DIRECTOR: Lee Zlotoff

PRODUCER: Alex Usatine

WRITER: Lee Zlotoff