UNCLE MAX (2016)

Uncle Max has passed away. His nephew Billy, along with his wife Michelle, his sister Janice, and brother-in-law Steve, are traveling from Arizona to Nebraska for the funeral – in an old, 1976 Lincoln – when they break down in Albuquerque. It’s going to take three days to get the part they need – but the funeral is in two. There is of course, just a little bit more to the story. “It is the ‘Land of Enchantment’, you know – that’s pretty cool!”

DRAMA / COMEDY | 26min

CAST: Denny O’Connor, Albert Fry, Jr., Michelle Smith, Royd McCargish, Wendy Tillery-Boling

DIRECTOR: Albert Fry Jr.

PRODUCERS: Allan K Edgar, Albert Fry Jr., Monica Flot, Royd McCargish, Michelle Smith

WRITERS: Albert Fry Jr.